Farmhouse 100DFT Range Cooker From Appliancentre
19 August 2022 34 view(s)
Farmhouse 100DFT Range Cooker From Appliancentre

The Farmhouse 100 DFT Range Cooker is a beautiful and classic design to help you produce Michelin style recipes from the comfort of your own home. The range cooker combines a 7 burner gas hob, two electric ovens and an electric grill. Also included in the innovative design is an LED touch control clock, programmer and simple rotary controls making the range cookers operation effortless. 

Farmhouse 100DFT Range Cooker

Capacity & Capabilities

The two ovens each offer 54 litres of useable space, giving you a lot of space to utilise, which is perfect large families, dinner parties and more, all whilst saving space in your kitchen, thanks to the range cookers all in one design. The size of the two ovens allows you to cook bigger dishes at the same time with the added bonus of the flavours, not transferring between each other. The top right oven offers fan assisted cooking, which will help you gain an even distribution of heat throughout the oven, making it perfect for batch baking, for example. 

Added Extras

The range cooker also includes defrosting function, which will gently thaw items to be ready to cook perfectly. The second oven is conventional; which will provide the perfect space for more traditional foods such as a roast dinner. Both of the ovens have slow cooking powers which truly set this range cooker apart from any others. The slow cooking features will give you the opportunity to cook your meals throughout the day at a low temperature, meaning that when you come home from work, your meal will be ready for you to eat. 

In the top left-hand corner, there is a  grill which offers a generous 28 litres giving you plenty of space for perfect for making smaller dishes such as toasties and finishing off dishes. On top of this, there are also seven burner gas hobs which give you plenty of space to cook multiple components to a meal at once. Also included is a central PowerWok burner which offers a staggering four times the power of the smallest standard burner, giving you the perfect place to quickly boil water, sear meat and cook oriental meals.  

At the bottom of the oven, there is a useful storage space which is perfect for storing your oven trays, dishes, pots and pans within accessible reach. A maxi clock is also included with a clear display to help you cook items for the best time, reducing the risk of burning meals. 

The Aftermath 

Once you have finished eating your delicious meal, you don’t even have to worry about the cleaning up afterwards. Your brand new range cooker will help you with all aspects of making a meal, even the mess. Easy clean enamel liners in each of the cavities ensure that food does not fuse onto the inside of the appliance, making spills and splashes easy to wipe away. Do all of this with an A-rated appliance which will help you make delicious meals, save money and also save the environment. 

Getting the best oven for your kitchen is often challenging, even once you have picked the Belling you still require great customer service and delivery options in Nationwide. At Appliancentre you can get the Cookcentre 90DFT Range Cooker with great service and a guaranteed excellent price.

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Farmhouse 100DFT Range Cooker From Appliancentre

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