BI602MM Oven From Appliancentre
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BI602MM Oven From Appliancentre

Now you are able to cook all of your favourite meals with ease with the Belling B1602MM built-in electric single oven. It has a fantastic 70-litre capacity and 5 different shelving positions meaning that it is perfect for large families, juggling multiple elements of one meal or even if you are craving one of those late-night toasties using the built-in grill setting. 

BI602MM Oven

Combined Cooking  

The oven offers a fanned electric oven, variable rate electric grill, fanned grill, defrost functionality and bread proving. Additional functions include slow cook, eco (rear heat) and light only. You are also able to time your meals to perfection with the handy minute minder feature. All you have to do it tell it when to stop and you will never overcook a meal ever again.

The fanned oven helps to distribute the heat evenly, it creates an even temperature and keeps flavours from intermingling with each other. This means you are now able to cook your homemade cake for dessert at the same time as your delicious cut of meat for your main course. 

The fan works by drawing in and distributing air through the vents which produce an even cooking temperature throughout the oven’s cavity. So if you’re a talented chef or a wonderful baker you can use lots of levels of the oven instead of swapping shelves every time. 

BI602MM Oven

Additional Grill 

The additional grill setting is also fantastic for roasting chicken for your Sunday roast, as it leaves the meat bursting with flavours and will leave the skin a gorgeous golden brown. The grill includes a pan which is designed perfectly for grilling as it allows the air to move around your food and the heat is also reflected from the base of the pan. 

If you would like to adjust the oven’s temperature, the simple to use button and dial controls make it extremely easy, with an LED display clearly showing you your chosen settings. In addition to this cleaning is effortless thanks to the brilliant grease proof enamel coating. The specially designed enamel interior prevents food from getting stuck to the surface and will allow you to wipe away any spills easily whilst cleaning. 

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BI602MM Oven From Appliancentre

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