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Tune in to your favourite stations with a DAB radio from Appliance Centre. The digital revolution has brought us superior audio quality and an easier way to enjoy radio, make the most of it by exploring our extensive collection of DAB radios and finding a model that perfectly matches your lifestyle. You’ll find the latest radios from leading brands like Pure, Logik and Roberts, all equipped with innovative features and a diverse choice of looks.

Like the idea of waking up to the sounds of your favourite radio station? You’ll find plenty of clock radios that will make for the perfect bedside companion and soften the blow of your morning wake-up call. The Logik LHDR15 Portable DAB/FM Clock Radio is compact enough to take its place on your bedside table and, with its attractive light wood design, stylish enough to add a touch of class to your bedroom. It also boasts superior digital audio performance, enhanced by crystal clear digital reception, and the convenience of ten DAB presets and ten FM presets, so you can listen to your choice of music without having to search for your favourites.

Want to enjoy our best DAB radio on the go? Look no further than the Loewe KLANGS1 Smart Radio. 80 Watt total music power. Versatile listening pleasure with crystal clear sound. 

Explore our audio department to discover a wealth of innovative devices that utilise the latest technology to bring you your favourite sounds in new, exciting ways. Check out our smart speakers to see the latest multi-room audio solutions from Sonos and Bose and see our clock radios for the latest in bedside listening.

Thanks to your new DAB radio from Appliance Centre, dodgy reception is a thing of the past. With signals combining from multiple transmitters across the UK, you get a crisp, robust sound with Digital Audio Broadcasting, whether you’re listening to the World Service, traffic updates, your favourite music station or live sports commentary.

What are the other benefits? You also get digital only services with one of these nifty devices, such as BBC Radio 4 Extra and 6 Music. Regional restrictions are a thing of the past, too, as you’ll have access to a broad selection of DAB radio stations no matter where you live.

So, what’s the best model for you? If you have several stations on rotation, get a unit with lots of presets for easy switching between your favourites. Go for a machine with an alarm and snooze function if you want to replace your old bedside number. Or plump for a DAB radio with Bluetooth connectivity to play that new album you downloaded direct from your smartphone — you’ll find plenty like this in Roberts’ range.

You can’t beat listening to the radio from the comfort of bed, with a steaming hot cuppa in hand. But you aren’t limited to one room with a portable DAB radio. Get the best of both worlds with a system that has the option to plug into the mains as well as operate via batteries. Save on battery life when you’re in your favourite armchair, but enjoy the freedom of being able to move into the garden. Take a look at Sony’s collection for this kind of flexibility.

Are your listening sessions an essential part of your daily commute? Opt for a pocket-sized device with headphones to make tuning in on the move a breeze. Or how about a DAB car radio? You’ll find handy numbers that stand up to daily use from the likes of Pure.

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