What Innovation Can I Find Inside Samsung Appliances?
26 December 2022 13 view(s)
What Innovation Can I Find Inside Samsung Appliances?

Samsung appliances are known for their innovative features and cutting-edge technology. From washing machines with AddWash technology that allows you to pause a wash and add forgotten items, to ecobubble technology that uses bubbles to clean clothes at cooler temperatures, Samsung has a range of options to make your household chores easier and more energy-efficient.

The Family Hub feature on Samsung fridge freezers is another standout innovation. With an interactive screen, in-built camera, and Smart Recipes that help you plan meals based on fridge contents, the Family Hub is a game-changer for how you store and access your food. Additionally, the frost-free technology helps keep ice buildup to a minimum, and the Digital Inverter Compressor allows for a quiet, energy-efficient fridge.

Samsung ovens also have a number of features to make cooking easier, including auto cook settings, pyrolytic or catalytic steam cleaning options for easy cleaning, and a child lock for safety. And with the SmartThings app, you can sync up all your appliances and control them from your phone, checking energy usage and using energy-saving functions as needed. Whether you're tackling laundry, storing food, or cooking a meal, Samsung appliances have the technology to make your life easier.

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What Innovation Can I Find Inside Samsung Appliances?

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