BI902MFCT Double Oven Review
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BI902MFCT Double Oven Review

You can now cook up a storm in the kitchen with Belling’s built-in electric double oven. There is a main multifunctional oven which means you will always be spoilt for choice. There are 11 cooking options to cook your meal of choice perfectly. It also includes a gill which is perfect for toasties for lunch or maybe a tender steak for dinner. The Zeus appliance control allows you to alter the timer from your smartphone or device through a Bluetooth connection, making it the ideal oven for when you’re out and about. The model also includes catalytic liners which will absorb any leftover grease, meaning that the appliance will simply require a wipe of a cloth to be clean again after use.

Cooking Functions

  • Intensive Baking 
  • Top heat only
  • Base heat only
  • Conventional 
  • Grill with fan
  • Fanned Oven
  • Variable rate dual circuit electric grill
  • Pizza function 
  • Slow cook
  • Multifunction
  • Defrost
  • Bread proving
BI902MFCT Double Oven

Multifunctional Oven 

Whatever you fancy at the time the multifunctional oven will cook it perfectly for you. From a yummy pastry to a deliciously tender steak, the double oven provides 11 functions to choose from, allowing you to cook a variety of homemade meals for your family and friends. With two electric ovens, you are also able to cook up more than one dish for parties and gatherings. 

Catalytic Liners

Cleaning your oven can be a huge hassle, but the built-in double makes this situation a lot easier. The glass doors are removable for a quick wipe, whilst the catalytic liners in the main oven which help to absorb and break down the grease splashes from the food being cooked. 

BI902MFCT Double Oven

Zeus Bluetooth Connectivity 

With the free Zeus app you can now unlock the true potential of your Belling Bluetooth oven which is available on IOS and Android devices. This smart oven app allows you to set, monitor and adjust cooking times with some other clever and innovative features too. The app will allow you to set, check and adjust your oven timers from anywhere, to save your favourite recipes and for your oven to sync to your smart device. 

The oven combines a 72-litre main oven with a 38-litre oven grill to create the perfect solution to cooking. 11 functions are available in the main and lower oven containing 2 shelves available in 5 positions in the main oven and 1 shelf with three potential positions in the upper oven. They are coated in enamel for easy cleaning and also include triple/double glazing for door safety. 


For over a century Belling has bought clever and innovative idea's to people's home. During that time Belling have been at the heart of homes in the UK for all this time and truly understand what it is that you want from your kitchen appliances and ensure they deliver. Belling is one of the most loved and trusted British brands with 4 generations of families growing up with a Belling appliance in their home. 

Getting the best oven for your kitchen is often challenging, even once you have picked the Belling you still require great customer service and delivery options in Nationwide. At Appliancentre you can get the BI902MFCT Double Oven with great service and a guaranteed excellent price. 

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BI902MFCT Double Oven Review

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