Farmhouse 90G Range Cooker From Appliancentre
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Farmhouse 90G Range Cooker From Appliancentre

The Belling Farmhouse 90G Range Cooker has a traditional and classic style with 5 high-efficiency burners which would look perfect in both modern and traditional homes. It features a gas main oven, an A-rated fanned oven, a separate variable gas grill and a five-burner hotplates including a powerful wok burner. The 4kW PowerWok burner gives intense heat which quickly seals the delicious flavours in your food instantly. 

The Belling Farmhouse 90G Range Cooker includes a market-leading tall fanned oven equipped with 91 litres of capacity space  and 25 shelf positions on 90cm models, which is perfect for multi-level cooking. This feature is perfect if you have a large family or would like to cook more than one meal at once at events such as dinner parties.

Belling Farmhouse 90G Range Cooker

Creative Cooking Simultaneously

The main oven hosts a generous capacity of 49 litres and includes 2 removable shelves which can be adjusted to 5 different positions. The tall fan oven offers a larger capacity of 86 litres, these capacities are perfect for batch baking cookies or cupcakes for example. The additional fan component can offer you full flexibility when achieving your masterpiece of a meal. 

The gas hob is also perfect for juggling all the different components of your main meal. The 5 gas burners, including a 4kW wok burner, all with push-button ignition and hard-wearing cast iron pan supports. The 5 burners come in 3 different sizes for flexible cooking and effective heating always, no matter what your cooking. 

Finally, the separate grill cavity allows you to adjust the grilling power to suit any requirement. The variable gas grill features a precise temperature dial which can be used to enhance preheating times and make sure that you are maximising your opportunities with your cooking. If you are grilling a small portion, the inner section can be isolated and will help you save energy in the long run.

Belling Farmhouse 90G Range Cooker

Innovative Functions

Defrost your food more hygienically and in half the time using the defrost function which will circulate room temperature air around the food which will then perfectly defrost foods such as cakes for example. There is also a slow cook function which will cook food thoroughly and evenly on low temperatures. Your meal can be cooking all day at home whilst you are at work and once you arrive home your meal will be ready, making your life a lot easier. 

The Belling Farmhouse 90G Range Cooker has an innovative design element on the interior of the cavities. The enamel interior means that cleaning your oven is a chore that you will no longer have to worry about in the future. Food residue and spillages can be wiped off the interior surface of the oven as the enamel prevents anything from attaching to it, allowing you to keep it cleaner for longer.

Belling Farmhouse 90G Range Cooker

Energy Efficiency

The Belling Farmhouse 90G Range Cooker has been awarded an A for energy rating which allows you to rely on the cooker to help make you significant savings on your energy bills whilst also helping you to do your bit to save the environment.

Getting the best oven for your kitchen is often challenging, even once you have picked the Belling you still require great customer service and delivery options in Nationwide. At Appliancentre you can get the Farmhouse 90G Range Cooker with great service and a guaranteed excellent price.

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Farmhouse 90G Range Cooker From Appliancentre

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