Creating The Traditional English Kitchen
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Creating The Traditional English Kitchen

Belling - Creating The Traditional English Kitchen

It’s summer 2019 and you are finally getting round to honouring that new year's commitment to sort out your kitchen. There’s no denying that sprucing up your kitchen will breath new life into your home, after all, it is one of the most used areas of a house so any improvements will have a drastic impact.

Diving straight in is tempting and it's easy to get carried away and start buying appliances and fixtures without considering the bigger aesthetic picture. This is almost always a bad idea as you risk ending up with a muddled and stylistically confusing kitchen that has no visual uniformity and looks out of place. To avoid this scenario you should start by determining whether you want to go for a modern contemporary or a classic traditional look. If you prefer a casual homely style then you should consider drawing inspiration from the humble traditional English kitchen. This classic and timelessly charming style relies on bright colours, natural materials and detail oriented fittings to create a warm inviting environment.

Naturally, there are many different characteristics that make up the traditional rustic kitchen look and these can vary depending on personal choice. If you are considering decorating your kitchen in the traditional English style there are a number of key “must-haves” that really uphold the unique charm of the style.

Tiled Splashback

The tiled splashback has been a mainstay in classic kitchens for centuries because it is easy to clean, requires little maintenance and looks neat. The splashback essentially prevents splashes and stains from permanently marking the walls during hob cooking whilst also protecting them against heat. The use of tiled splashbacks harks back to the 19th century when we started to understand the science of germs and the importance of hygiene. Using coated tiles meant that germs had little chance of permeating the surface and sticking around. Today tiled splashbacks are just as popular for the same reasons and play a pivotal part in bringing back a tasteful dose of classic charm.

Belling Range Cookers

Range Cookers

No single object embodies the character of a classic style kitchen other than the range cooker. Standing magnificently solid, range cookers act as the centrepiece of the kitchen with their cast iron construction, multiple cavities and huge hobs. Range cookers today offer users the best of both worlds and can come in a variety of colours sizes and fuel types allowing for more flexibility whilst also offering the same rugged rustic charm.

Aside from the visual benefits, range cookers offer a number of different cooking options which can be used simultaneously eg. baking, grilling and roasting. At Belling, our British-made cookers have garnered an exemplary reputation resulting from a century of care, attention and elite workmanship. If you are passionate about the classic range cooker look for your traditional kitchen then choose Belling, the UK's most time-tested range cooker manufacturer.

Glazed Display Cabinets

Traditional style kitchens are big on detail and embellishments which is why you should consider adding in at least one glazed display cabinet to your kitchen design. The glass windows on this type of cabinet mean that you can openly display all of your plates and valuable dining equipment which gives a cosy look. Many cabinets also come with drawers which can be used to store additional dining accessories such as silverware, placemats and tablecloths.

Glazed cabinets have their roots in the Victorian era when it was custom to proudly display commodities like fine china for all to see, a tactic that is just as relevant today. They really add an abundance of personality to the room and can either be left with a natural finish or painted to match any colour scheme. Painting interior in bright colours is also a good way of visually drawing extra attention to the cabinet.

Classic & Timeless

Whilst the minimalist streamlined look of contemporary kitchen design appeals to many, the classic traditional look offers a familiar relaxing feel that will not go out of fashion any time soon.

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Creating The Traditional English Kitchen

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