AEG - Intelligent technology, responsive design
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AEG - Intelligent technology, responsive design

AEG was founded in 1883 in Berlin. AEG initially produced electrical equipment before venturing into many other markets. AEG played an important part in German railway history. The company was involved in the development and manufacture of the electrical parts of almost all German electric locomotive series and contributed to the introduction of electrical power in German railways. Now AEG are a very popular home appliance brand, bringing a wide range of cooking, laundry and refrigeration products.

AEG Steam Ovens

Ovens worth knowing…

Cooking with steam prevents flavour exchange between different dishes. It helps prevent foods from drying out, preserves nutrients, minerals and flavour and cooks more evenly from surface to core. It is also a more efficient way of cooking as it delivers heat more efficiently to the food than dry, hot air, so the temperature can be lower.

AEGs range of ovens ensure your dishes are cooked to your exact preference, by adding steam to traditional heat. The combination of heat and steam delivers crisp and golden on the outside and succulent and juicy on the inside, every time you cook. It’s a highly effective way of ensuring that everything you cook is packed with maximum flavour and maximum nutritional value.

AEG’s latest oven range offers you several ways to cook using steam. SteamCrisp which is great for meats – leaving the inside succulent and the outside crisp. SteamBoost which is the full-steam function – locking in the natural moisture to deliver a whole range of juicy and succulent dishes including meat, fish, casseroles and vegetables – even desserts. SteamPro has three cooking modes – heat, steam and a combination of both. In the combination mode it will calculate exactly the right combination of heat and steam automatically – giving you golden and crisp on the outside while food is always juicy and succulent on the inside. So if you’re roasting or grilling meats, baking bread, creating delicate desserts or using the SousVide feature you’ll get the the perfect cook every time.

AEG Hob2Hood

AEG’s intelligent Hob2Hood system ensures your hood works in harmony with your hob as soon as your hob is turned on. A wireless signal is sent to the hood, switching on the lights and providing optimal visibility. Without even having to touch your hood, you can enjoy the optimum kitchen environment – fresh air and odour free.

Your hob will wirelessly activate and adjust your cooker hoods fan speed automatically, based on what yumminess you’re cooking. Steam and vapour disappears as quickly as it appears from your pan leaving you with a beautifully smelling fresh kitchen to cook and relax in.

AEG ComfortLift

Lifts gentle to a new level…

The AEG ComfortLift dishwasher is equipped with a special lower rack lifting mechanism, ensuring less bending when loading and unloading the dishes. Perfect for making your life more comfortable, especially those with back problems. However, still ideal even if your back is in tact! You can achieve impeccable cleaning results whatever the load, with five spray levels, a satellite spray arm and a third ceiling spray arm, your dishes should be gleaming the first time round. The XXL interior of the ComfortLift gives you an additional 10litres of space, so you have plenty of room for those odd shaped pots and pans.

AirDry Technology provides perfect drying results by opening the door 10cm automatically during the the drying cycle, providing natural air drying for a streak free finish.

AEG ProSteam technology

Cut creases by a third with AEG's ProSteam technology. This gentle steam programme refreshes your clothes whilst protecting the fibres, ideal for delicate garments. Less creases means less ironing, so you will save you time and money too!

  • Passionate Perfectionists - AEG want everything to be exactly right - and so you can expect nothing less from your appliances.
  • Focused on enjoyment and passion for cooking - AEG create products that will enhance your experience, every time you use them.
  • Chosen by Professional Chefs - Combining design with outstanding cooking performance AEG is the perfect solution for creative chefs.
  • Top Quality Materials - High-value materials are used, but the number of different materials is kept to a minimum for purity and consistency.
  • Style is Never an Accident - For over a hundred years AEG have been using cutting edge designers to help create and develop their products.

Don't just take our word for it... Consumer champions Which? has included AEG in the shortlist for the 'Best Home Appliance Brand' category for this year's awards. Which? recognises businesses that have achieved positive change and that delivery excellent products that can survive their rigourous testing and come out best in class. Which? are a coveted symbol of product excellence and they have selected AEG as a leader in the industry, so you can be sure to receive a great product if you make an AEG purchase with us.

Take taste further

Become the master of your kitchen with AEG. Your passion for flavour will be elevated to new heights with their beautifully responsive kitchen appliances. Discover a full suite of exquisitely designed built-in ovens, hobs, fridges and more. With tech that responds to you, you'll achieve absolute perfection every time you cook.

Unprecedented care

Give your favourite garments the care they deserve. AEG's range of washing machines, tumble dryers and washer dryers offer you the very best in cutting edge technology and exceptional performance that really looks after your laundry. So your clothes will always look their best, wash after wash.

Create restaurant quality food at home

Be the master of your cooking experience with AEG's Mastery range of intuitive kitchen appliances. From the second you chill your fresh groceries to the moment you serve the perfect meal, these appliances respond to your every command with total ease and precision.

Introducing your new sous chef

Take your passion for flavour to the next level with AEG's range of ovens. With incredibly intuitive cooking features, like SurroundCook, you'll craft delicious restaurant quality meals, every time. Whether you're roasting a succulent chicken or baking a loaf of artisan bread, this feature uses advanced fan technology to distribute an even heat around the oven, to give you beautifully consistent results that are cooked and crisped to perfection.

Incredible texture, delicious results

Discover a new way to cook with a range of professional steam features. Cooking with steam locks in the natural moisture in your food, so flavours are enhanced and meat and fish remains healthy, succulent and exceptionally tasty.


Your show-stopping cakes and bread will get a helping hand with AEG’s clever SteamBake, which uses a blast of steam to make sure they are wonderfully fluffy inside and perfectly risen on the outside.


Take your cooking one step further with a touch of steam mixed with heat. SteamCrisp gives you a deliciously crisp skin on your chicken, whilst keeping all that succulent moisture on the inside.


Lock in all that moisture and make the most of incredible taste and aroma. With a gentle boost of steam, you’ll enjoy the fullest flavours on everything from fish dishes to vegetables, and even desserts.


Thanks to incredible SteamPro technology with its SousVide setting, flavour will be enhanced and colours will be vibrant. Perfect for wowing your dinner guests.

The incredible self-cleaning oven

When the dinner party’s done and the guests have gone home, you can let the self-cleaning Pyrolytic function do all the hard work. This helpful feature uses exceptionally high temperatures to turn grease and food splatters to a small pile of ash that you simply wipe away. And because the door locks tight whilst the oven gets to work, it’s perfectly safe to use.

Sear, simmer and serve

Customise your cooking area with a versatile AEG hob. Choose from traditional gas hobs or precision induction technology, which heats the pan uses electromagnets to heat the pan and not the hob for safe, efficient cooking. The FlexiBridge induction feature is perfect for large pans or for when you’re preparing lots of dinner party dishes at once. This works by combining up to 4 cooking zones, so you’ll enjoy exceptional performance and an even, consistent heat.

Clean air, clean kitchen

An AEG hood will keep the air in your kitchen beautifully clean. Using intelligent Hob2Hood technology, these hobs have been designed to work in perfect harmony with your compatible AEG hob. The extraction level will automatically adjust, so you can concentrate on frying succulent steaks and boiling perfect pasta. And with their stunning stainless steel design, a chimney or ceiling cooker hood will look beautiful in any contemporary kitchen.

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AEG - Intelligent technology, responsive design

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