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Bosch: The Brand and Products You Can Rely On
Bosch is the leading home appliance brand in Europe. With each new line of products, Bosch introduces innovation and excellence, offering the public products that are reliable and great to use.
Hoover: Appliances that Allow You to Chill the Way...
Hoover appliances provide the perfect range for your home. Bringing a wide variety of appliances for the kitchen and the home, Hoover offers you excellent service and high performance. Hoover’s a well recognised brand in the UK and their popularity stems from their high quality of home appliances and kitchen appliances. Hoover brings you everything from hobs to refrigerators, providing the latest technology with designs that will enhance the look and performance of your kitchen in each and every...
BI902MFCT Double Oven Review
You can now cook up a storm in the kitchen with Belling’s built-in electric double oven. There is a main multifunctional oven which means you will always be spoilt for choice. There are 11 cooking options to cook your meal of choice perfectly. It also includes a gill which is perfect for toasties for lunch or maybe a tender steak for dinner. The Zeus appliance control allows you to alter the timer from your smartphone or device through a Bluetooth connection, making it the ideal oven for when yo...
Belling - Over 100 Years Dedicated to Quality
Belling has been at the heart of British cooking for more than a century and we are proud to say that four generations of cooks have grown up with a Belling appliance in their kitchen.