Bosch: The Brand and Products You Can Rely On
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Bosch: The Brand and Products You Can Rely On

Bosch: The Brand and Products You Can Rely On

Bosch is the leading home appliance brand in Europe. With each new line of products, Bosch introduces innovation and excellence, offering the public products that are reliable and great to use.

Appliances that Take Care of Themselves

You no longer need to worry about your cakes spilling inside your oven. Bosch’s new ovens clean themselves. New pyrolytic technology turns on after you’re done cooking and reduces all waste to ash with extreme heat. Beyond this, Bosch’s new ovens provide more refined temperature and cooking settings, allowing you wizardry in the kitchen without having to worry about the time.

Uninterrupted and Fresh Cooking at all Times

Bosch’s PerfectAir technology allows you to keep on cooking without having to fret with your hood settings every few minutes. The PerfectAir judges the amount of smoke and odour in the air with expert sensor systems, and activates automatedly to filter out all the air and steam accumulated in the kitchen. So just leave all that to Bosch’s PerfectAir.

Bosch: The Brand and Products You Can Rely On

Leave the Minor Details to Bosch’s Perfection

Bosch now allows you to multitask without care in your kitchen. Rather than having to worry about your food boiling or frying, you can leave judging that to Bosch’s PerfectCook and PerfectFry. Using top of the line sensors, these appliances judge the temperatures and regulate them, allowing you freedom to multitask.

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Wash Clothes Without any Fuss

Washing has never been this easy. Bosch’s i-DOS technology regulates the amount of liquid used for each wash based on the load which is detected by sensors. By saving a lot of the liquid used and recycling it, it allows you multiple washes with minimal fuss and a lot of saving.

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Washing the Dishes Has Never Been this Dry

Bosch’s PerfectDry dishwasher is your perfect choice for something that not just washes your dishes quickly, but also returns them looking shiny and new. With PerfectDry, you save time, energy, and a many towels. The dishwasher dries the dishes itself with the VarioSpeed function.

Clean all your dishes with Bosch PerfectDry

Keep Your Food Fresh and Cool

Bosch Serie 4 VitaFresh provides you with the perfect fridge and freezer to keep your food and ingredients fresh at all times. Offering the perfect temperature regulation, VitaFresh offers your food a longer life and keeps it in the bin.

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Keep the Dust Out

The Bosch Cordless Vacuum offers you the chance to keep the dust out from any place on the floor. You can keep the wires out of your way and ensure maximum cleaning.

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Whisk, Prepare, and all to Perfection

Bosch’s range of small appliances offer the best preparation in the industry. Offering all sorts of accessories and regulators, Bosch allows you to get the very best out of your kitchen.

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Bosch: The Brand and Products You Can Rely On

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