How To Fit A Dishwasher

Discover how to install your new dishwasher with ease using our step-by-step guide. We'll guide you through the process of disconnecting your old appliance and connecting your gleaming new model. If you prefer not to tackle this on your own, you can simply opt for our installation service during checkout, and we'll handle everything for you.

How do I disconnect a dishwasher?

How to Disconnect a Dishwasher: A Step-by-Step Guide

Disconnecting a dishwasher may seem daunting, but with the right tools and instructions, it's a simple process. To disconnect your dishwasher, you will need a towel, bucket, pliers or a wrench, and a blanking disc/cap (which can be purchased at your local hardware store if you no longer have the one that came with the dishwasher). 

Follow these steps:

  1. First, unplug your old dishwasher and turn off the water supply. Then, use a towel to carefully shuffle it out from its space.
  2. Next, remove the water hose pipe from the back of the machine and tip any remaining water out into the bucket.
  3. Using pliers or a wrench, remove the water hose from the wall. Empty any remaining water from the hose into your bucket.
  4. Remove the drain hose from the waste pipe under or near your sink and pour out the wastewater.
  5. To prevent any leaks, put the blanking disc (a flat disc-shaped screw) inside the water pipe.

The above steps will help you successfully disconnect your dishwasher without any hassle.

How to connect your new dishwasher

A Step-by-Step Guide to Installing Your New Dishwasher

Installing a new dishwasher doesn't have to be a daunting task. With our step-by-step installation guide, you'll have your dishwasher up and running in no time. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Assess the Area: Before you start, check that the space is suitable for your dishwasher and that you have access to a power supply, water supply, and drain.
  2. Shut Off the Water: Turn off the water supply by locating and turning off the valve under your sink.
  3. Check Your Manual: Remove any packaging and read the manual carefully, as some models may vary. Check if you're connecting to a hot or cold fill. Tilt the dishwasher to its side to make connections easier.
  4. Connect the Inlet Hose: Screw the hose that came with your dishwasher onto the water supply, and make sure it's fastened tightly.
  5. Connect the Outlet Hose: Connect the dishwasher's outlet hose to the standpipe.
  6. Check the Level: Adjust the feet at the bottom until your dishwasher is level. A spirit level can assist you in ensuring everything is properly aligned.
  7. Plug in and Test: Finally, plug your machine in and turn the water supply back on. Run a test cycle, aim to ensure your dishwasher operates correctly.

Follow these simple steps to get your dishwasher set up promptly, allowing it to keep your dishes sparkling clean with ease.

How do I fit a door on an integrated dishwasher?

How to Install a Door on an Integrated Dishwasher: Step-by-Step Guide

Need help fitting a door on your new integrated dishwasher? Here's what you'll need: fixings (supplied with the dishwasher), a template (also included), a pencil, a drill, and a screwdriver.

To begin, ensure that you have a cabinet door that matches your kitchen and the necessary requirements of the dishwasher. 

Next, use the provided template that comes with your dishwasher to properly position the fixings on the cabinet door. Simply line the template with your cabinet door and mark off the points with a pencil. 

Then, attach and screw in the door rollers (metal plates with two wheels) and connection pieces, ensuring each piece is securely fastened.

Slide the door into the roller slots on the integrated door, lifting it up and sliding it into place. 

Finally, attach the door to the dishwasher by screwing in the remaining fixings to ensure that the cabinet and fixing plate are properly secured. For the best results, we recommend following the instructions that come with your machine.


Frequently Asked Questions about Dishwasher Installation

Looking to install a new dishwasher but have some questions?

  • How much does installation cost? Our standard installation for freestanding dishwashers is £30, while our complete installation bundle is £50, which includes disconnecting and recycling your old appliance. For integrated models, the installation service costs £70 because it's a more complex job.
  • Why is it more expensive to install an integrated model? This is because our experts will need to make sure the furniture door fits properly on the new machine, which takes longer and requires more expertise.
  • Can you install a dishwasher anywhere? As long as there's access to water and drain connections, freestanding models can be installed almost anywhere. But integrated models require installation in a kitchen cabinet with similar access to plumbing.
  • Where does a dishwasher drain to? Dishwashers drain water either to a standpipe or through a connection to your sink.
  • Do dishwashers use the same plumbing as washing machines? Yes, they do.
  • Do I need a hot and cold water tap for a dishwasher? No, you only need a cold-water connection to your dishwasher, along with a drain connection.
  • How long does it take to install a dishwasher? This can vary depending on your property and whether you have an existing machine that needs disconnecting. Generally, it takes about an hour to complete.
  • Do dishwashers come with hoses for connection? Yes, they do. The hoses are always inside the new machine.
  • Do integrated dishwashers come with door fixings? Yes, they do. Everything you need to fit a door comes with the machine except the door itself.
  • If you fit my dishwasher, will you test the cycles? Yes, absolutely. As part of our installation service, we'll test everything to make sure the machine is working properly.
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