Price Match Guarantee

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We pride ourselves in the fact that we offer our customers the very best prices we can. Check our price promise guarantee.

Purchase with complete confidence with our price match guarantee service

At Appliancentre Parts we monitor our competitors prices on a daily basis so that we can offer our customers the lowest prices on the internet.

Our price match guarantee policy is simple, If after purchasing a product from our website you find it on another website for less we guarantee to refund you the difference.

There are some conditions which are listed below:

  • You must notify us within 7 days of purchasing the item that you have found it for less
  • The item must be like for like and carry exactly the same manufacturer part code as listed on our website and be available for immediate dispatch (in stock) and available for delivery to your address
  • The price comparison must include vat and delivery charges
  • The price comparison must be from a UK trading website
  • Only one price match guarantee per item can be accepted
  • Voucher and discount codes cannot be used in conjunction with a price match claim
  • We are unable to guarantee a price match from items listed on third party seller websites and auction websites like Ebay and Amazon but we will try our best.

Please forward a direct link to the URL of your price comparison to

We will look into your claim and notify you with in 3 Working hours if it is successful