Choosing the right washing machine, tumble dryer or washer dryer is a big decision, depending on how much washing you do, how much space you have and which features are important to you.

Separate washing machines and tumble dryers give you maximum capacity, whilst washer dryers give you the full laundry solution without taking up too much space, and they all come in freestanding and integrated versions.

Whether you already know what you are looking for or want to learn more about the key features to look out for, we can help you find the right laundry appliances for your home. Explore our range, discover the products 'our experts love' or browse by your favourite brand, picking out the features you really need.

Washing Machines

Washing Machines

Freestanding Washing Machines:
Freestanding washing machines give you more freedom when it comes to installation. Explore our range of full-size and slimline models or choose a model with a reversible door – ideal for when space is limited.

Freestanding washing machines

Integrated Washing Machines:
Integrated washing machines blend into your décor whilst offering the functionality of a freestanding model. With a range of useful features, load capacities and spin speeds, you can find the ideal match for any kitchen.

Integrated washing machines

Washer Dryers

Washer Dryers

Freestanding Washer Dryers:
Don’t have room for a separate washing machine and tumble dryer? A washer dryer could be the answer. With a range of helpful features to suit your needs, you can enjoy clean and dry clothes straight out of the machine.

Freestanding washer dryers

Integrated Washer Dryers:
Offering all the benefits of two appliances in one, integrated washer dryers are perfect for homes that are short on space. They can be installed behind a door panel for a space saving way to wash and dry your clothes.

Integrated washer dryers

Tumble Dryers

Tumble Dryers

Condenser, Heat pump & Vented tumble dryers

Condensor Tumble Dryers:
You can position a condenser tumble dryer anywhere in your home, as it condenses the steam into water which is collected in a removable reservoir. Check out our range today and take the hassle out of drying the laundry.

Heat Pump Tumble Dryers:
Heat pump tumble dryers reuse the hot air inside the appliance, storing the condensed water in a container which can easily be removed. Highly energy efficient and practical, they can help to save you time and energy.

Vented Tumble Dryers:
Our range of vented tumble dryers pump the damp air inside through a hose to outside your home so that your clothes emerge fresh and dry. Practical and affordable, they are an ideal addition to any household.

Freestanding tumble dryers

Integrated tumble dryers