Dishwashers Measurement Guide

How to Measure for a Dishwasher: A Comprehensive Guide

Whether you're opting for a classic freestanding model or a sleek integrated design, measuring for a new dishwasher can be tricky. We're here to help. Our guide provides all the information you need to measure up accurately and avoid any installation mishaps.

Dishwashers Measurement Guide

Freestanding dishwashers

For freestanding dishwashers, grab a tape measure and record the height, width, and depth of your current model or chosen installation space. Remember to allow an additional 5cm for water pipes to prevent the appliance from sticking out from under the counter. You can find the dimensions of our products under the 'Technical Specifications' tab on our website. 

Top Tips:

  • Freestanding dishwashers are not designed to be concealed behind cupboard doors.
  • The standard width is 60cm, while slim-line models measure 45cm.

Integrated dishwashers

For integrated dishwashers, measure the height, width, and depth of the intended cabinet or space carefully. We suggest leaving a little wiggle room to make installation easy and allowing an additional 5cm of space at the back for pipes. You can confirm the dimensions of our products under the 'Technical Specifications' tab on our website.

Top Tips:

  • Integrated dishwashers are designed to be fitted with a cupboard door attachment.
  • The standard height and depth should fit well, allowing necessary pipe space of 5cm at the back.
  • Both standard and slim-line models have a width of 60cm.
Dishwashers Measurement Guide

If you're wondering about the smallest dishwasher options, tabletop versions measure 55cm in width, while slim-line models come in at 45cm.

When it comes to weight, this varies by manufacturer, but dishwashers range from 30 to 60kg.

Integrated dishwashers typically measure 55 to 57cm in depth, while freestanding models have a slimmer height and depth but the same width as integrated models.

Furthermore, remember to include pipe space and ensure the appliance is levelled by adjusting its feet. 

Finally, always measure twice to be confident the appliance will fit.

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