Dishwasher Buying Guide

Dishwasher Buying Guide

No one likes washing dishes, but thankfully some clever clogs invented the dishwasher, so we don’t have to. Our handy guide will give you the low-down on everything you need to know about dishwashers.

Dishwashers are an indispensable appliance in the modern home, saving you time & money.

Choosing the right dishwasher will depend on the size of your family and the available space in your kitchen. The following will help you choose the perfect dishwasher for you.

Dishwasher Buying Guide
Dishwasher Buying GuideDishwasher Buying Guide

Capacity (Place Settings)

The capacity of your dishwasher will determine how much you can wash in one go; a larger capacity, a larger load of dishes. A dishwasher’s capacity is measured by the number of place settings that it can hold, ie 12 place settings is 12 plates, bowls, side plates, teacups, knives, forks, spoons and teaspoons.

Choose your fit

Full size

60cm wide and able to fit 12 - 15 place settings inside for one wash. They are ideal for larger families or families that like to entertain.


45cm wide and able to fit 9 - 10 place settings inside for one wash. They are perfect if you have a smaller kitchen or space is low.

Fit Type


Integrated dishwashers are especially useful if you are conscious of your house’s appearance as they are able to be hidden within cupboards for a tidier looking kitchen. They also allow for extra room if you are low on space.


Freestanding dishwashers give you the freedom to put your appliance wherever you want within your home (subject to water supply source)


The number of programmes your dishwasher will vary, but below we have the most common programmes: 

Quick wash

The time of quick washes depends on the dishwasher, but they average around 29 minutes.

Delicate Programme

This programme is for your precious cutlery and servingware. It uses a light spray and minimal amount of soap so you don’t lose any detail on your items.

Half Load Option

If you only have a few items to wash, and don’t want to use a whole wash worth of water and time, a half load is perfect.

Things to know

Energy Rating

Dishwashers are one of the most helpful appliances you can have in the kitchen. But you don’t always want to have to wait around for those dirty knives and forks to be sparkling again. This is where a quick wash setting comes in. It’ll clean a load in a much shorter space of time, making it great if you have a busy schedule.


Dishwashers are built to last, but sometimes things can go wrong. That’s why the warranty is so important, it keeps you safe from any nasty surprises. The standard length is usually one or two years, but check the warranty section on our product pages to know exactly what you’re entitled to.

Number of place settings

Dishwasher capacity is measured in place settings. As a rough guide, a place setting consists of a large dinner plate, dessert plate, glass, bowl, teacup, saucer, two knives, forks and spoons. Sizes range from 6 place settings on a small dishwasher, to over 15 on larger models. The more place settings, the more cookware can go in.

Noise level

Nobody wants the dinnertime conversation disrupted by the noisy rattle of a dishwasher. So, if you have an open-plan kitchen or want to put a programme on at night, look for a model with the quiet mark. This means they’re less noisy than standard dishwashers, so you’ll get to enjoy your evening in peace.

Number of programmes

The number of programmes on dishwashers vary but can be from as little as four to around eleven for the higher-end models. If you have lots of different types of cookware, or you like the choice of different temperatures and times, a machine with a wider range of settings might be the one for you.

Fit type

Freestanding dishwashers don’t have a cupboard door attached to them and they can be popped into any standard kitchen unit space. Semi integrated dishwashers are hidden behind a cupboard door but will have the control panel exposed for easy access. And fully integrated dishwashers are completely covered by a cupboard door to match the rest of your kitchen.

Key Features

Quick wash

Dishwashers are one of the most helpful appliances you can have in the kitchen. But you don’t always want to have to wait around for those dirty knives and forks to be sparkling again. This is where a quick wash setting comes in. It’ll clean a load in a much shorter space of time, making it great if you have a busy schedule.

Automatic detergent dosing

Not having to do the washing up is one of the best things about a dishwasher. But how do you know how much detergent or rinse aid to use for different loads – one that’s smaller than usual for example? That’s where automatic detergent dosing comes in. Here we’ll learn more about this clever tech and all the benefits that go with it.

Easy Loading

With easy loading, filling the dishwasher becomes a breeze. From flexible spaces to moveable baskets, popping in all those plates, pots, and pans will be a chore no more.

Super quiet

Say goodbye to the background buzz of the dishwasher as it runs through the wash cycle. With the latest super quiet designs, whether it’s a silent programme or a quiet inverter motor, you’ll barely notice your appliance is on.

Smart connected

Washing up after dinner is even easier when you have a smart-connected dishwasher. Just download an app on your smartphone or tablet and start the wash cycle from the palm of your hand. So, if you’re busy packing school bags, or you’re in the garden enjoying the sun, you can still get the dishes sparkling.

Flexible space

Whether it’s an extra big pasta pot or batter-covered mixing bowls, a dishwasher with flexible space can easily fit everything inside. From raisable shelves to adjustable cutlery trays, these nifty features give everything from your ladles to your frying pans the space they need. Ready to put the scrubber down? We thought so.

Built-in flood protection

With flood prevention tech, you can protect your kitchen from catastrophes. This clever feature uses sensors to keep an eye on the water level and, if there’s too much, it’ll drain the machine before it overflows. Now you can keep those puddles outside, where they belong.

Glass cycle

If you’re tired of spending ages cleaning up after a busy day, a dishwasher is the perfect companion. But what about those lovely glass champagne flutes you got gifted as a wedding present? Well, there's no need to worry. When you choose a dishwasher with a dedicated glass cycle, you can look after them with a delicate wash that leaves them sparkling.

Easy installation

A new integrated dishwasher is an exciting addition to your kitchen, but what about installing it? Nobody wants it to be a hard slog after all. Luckily, they come with handy features that make fitting them into place a doddle.

Machine Clean

You’ve got fifty things on your to do list, but cleaning the dishwasher doesn’t need to be one of them. Because, when you choose a model that has a machine cleaning feature, you can put your feet up knowing your dishwasher is being perfectly maintained, so it’ll perform at its best and it’ll be sparkling ready for the next load.

Automatic Washing

A dishwasher with an automatic cycle will take the guesswork out of washing up. From creating shortcuts to your favourite programmes, to starting a full wash and dry cycle in just a touch of a button – this nifty tech cuts down on the cleaning chaos. Ready to make your life easier? Silly question – of course you are.

Floor indicator light

We can all agree that dishwashers are a fantastic appliance. No more washing up? Yes please. But did you know they also have some very handy features, including some with a floor indicator light that tells you when the washing cycle has finished?

Intense clean

Not only are dishwashers brilliant for helping us with the day-to-day washing up, but those with an intense cleaning programme really take the hard work out of cleaning heavily stained dishes. So, you can enjoy your Bolognese or Tikka Masala, and still have sparkling kitchenware.


Some dishwashers come with specialist cycles designed to run really efficiently. Whether they use sensors to detect dirt and reduce waste, or they run at lower temperatures with less water, they'll save you energy while still getting everything sparkling clean. Ready to save the planet and a few pennies? You're in the right place.


If you have little ones in the house and are looking to get your cookware extra clean, an antibacterial programme means there's no lingering nasties on their plates. Read on to discover some of the benefits of this handy tech.

Dish drying

Want a hand with those everyday chores? A dishwasher with a self-drying setting will be your new best friend. No more damp tea towels and no more standing in the kitchen for hours after a long day – just sit back and relax, while the dishwasher ticks off your to-dos for you. Bliss.

Energy Rating

Under EU legislation, every new dishwasher must have an energy label showing its energy rating. All our dishwashers are rated in line with the regulations, ranging from C (low efficiency) to A+++ (high efficiency).

You can work out an appliance's annual running costs by multiplying kWh used by 0.1427 (the average national cost of electricity + VAT), however this figure may vary according to how much you pay for your local electricity supply. 

For further help and advice, don't hesitate to contact us.

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