‘Technology with style’ is what Italian brand Smeg is all about. Recognised worldwide for combining quality and performance with unmistakable style, Smeg appliances are at the forefront of design and make cooking, cleaning and cooling a simpler, more pleasant task for their users.

Smeg is an Italian home appliance manufacturer based in Gustalla, near Reggio Emilia in northern Italy and was established back in 1948. For over 60 years Smeg have been providing tasteful and elegant products. Smeg are incredibly well known for their retro range appliances, adding a touch of history to any kitchen. ...

Smeg Fridge Freezers
Smeg have a stunning range of fridge freezers that will bring pure style to your kitchen.
Smeg Ovens
Smeg have an extensive range of built-in ovens that guarantee top performance.
Smeg Range Cookers
We have a great selection of Smeg Range Cookers, in a range of stylish colours; black, cream and stainless steel. These robust yet beautiful machines will be the main attraction in your kitchen.
Smeg Cookers
We have a nice selection of dual fuel and electric cookers from Smeg. They ooze sophistication and will make cooking a complete joy each and every time.
Smeg Laundry
Smeg washers and dryers offer great performance and are user friendly to operate.
Smeg Dishwashers
Smeg dishwashers, both freestanding and built-in, offer great performance and are exceptionally quiet.
Smeg Hobs
These hobs utlisie cutting-edge technology and are constructed using only premium materials such as stainless steel.
Smeg Fridges
Fridges are one of Smeg's most desirable product sets, they are hugely popular with customers.
Smeg Freezers
Thanks to Smegs fast freezing technology they can freeze large quantities of food in double quick time.

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